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About Us

The Credit Union generally known as St. Martin De Porres Credit Union is an organisation of people who save together and lend to each...

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Loan Account

We offer different types of credit facilities for member’s financial solution, Loans are given to members and sister unions only...

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Business/Current Account

Start saving towards your financial goals with our Savings Account. This is a regular monthly source deduction...

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Quick Notice

17th AGM! 17th AGM!! 17th AGM!!! All members are hereby invited to our 17th AGM & the Climax of our 20th Anniversary celebration on Sunday, 24th Dec.2017 at  READ MORE>>

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Head Office: 0202290587 /0322040812

Esreso Branch: 0501258337

Jachie: 0501258339

Abinkyi: 0202290588

Aputuogya: 0501441414

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